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Helen Lavelle

Helen Lavelle is a classically trained, contemporary painter from Pennsylvania. 

A nationally-recognized leader in the advertising industry, Lavelle studied at Marywood University in Scranton, Philadelphia’s Moore College of Art and Design and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Ms. Lavelle has also personally worked with American realists, Canadian impressionists, and Irish expressionist masters. Inspired by extensive travel throughout France, Italy, United States, South America, Ireland and Greece, her work is affected deeply by current global need and influenced by political climate. 

Her figurative, landscape and abstract work is held in corporate and private collections worldwide. An artist and an advocate, a communicator and a collaborator, she has devoted her life to chasing the light and capturing spirit. Whether it be with oil paint on canvas or with the launch of a multi-media, multi-platform advertising campaign, Helen Lavelle delivers her message with brazen authenticity. And has the awards to show for it. She is founder and principal of Lavelle Strategy Group, in Scranton.

Her “Painter with a Purpose” initiative is Lavelle’s novel approach to strategic fundraising. It underwrites critical causes and initiatives by dedicating a portion of the proceeds from online art sales derived from targeted and inspired collections. Lavelle has an intimate relationship with these causes. She knows first-hand how they have profound effects on people.

The initiative completes a unique circle – a circle in which artistry forges a complementary bond with the physical world that inspires it. Charitable sales are no stranger to the art world, but this is not a charity auction. 

This is personal. Issues that shape Lavelle’s own creative expression drive the causes she supports through inspired collections.

This is universal. We all know someone who has suffered addiction’s relentless destruction. We know the tentacles of racism that reach throughout our systems and poison them. We see the unabated destruction of the earth.

This is now. The coronavirus pandemic revealed how wrong we were about our world’s stability. Some days it feels like we’re barely keeping it together. Now more than ever, these causes need help. 

This is your chance to do something. Visit the store to explore available pieces and collections.